Welcome at Count Consultancy & Trading (CCT)

We are a company active in hydrography and geodesy worldwide. Hydrography focusses on measurements of physical characteristics on and in the water. These characteristics can be used for many purposes. For navigation and harbour management the navigational depths, objects, tidals and currents are determined for save navigation. For coastal management it can be used for monitoring the near shore seafloor and  the ecological systems. For dredging activities they can be used for equipment/vessel planning, determing quantities and project management. Geodesy can be explaned as hydrography with the difference that geodesy focusses on measurments above sealevel.

The measurements are conducted with high-tech equipment such as latest GPS-techniques (GNSS, RTK), echosounders (dual frequency for silt layers and multibeam for wide path measurements (up to 2.5 times the local waterdepth!)), motionsensors etc. etc.